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  • Why scientists admit that they were wrong about saturated fat, red meat, eggs & cholesterol (Hint: it does NOT cause heart disease or ANY other fatal consequences…Increased intake has actually been shown to lead to greater health.)

  • The simple secret to instantly removing fatigue and drowsiness FOR GOOD. (No, you don’t have to go to a doctor or take some new agey medicine.)

  • One cooking oil that is evil, but which is found in almost every person’s kitchen closet and in 90% of restaurant foods. (If you look up videos of how this oil is made, you’ll see some brown toxic sludge that looks like it’s slowly sliding through a sewer… right before it’s packaged and sent to grocery stores near you.)

  • How to unlock such high energy levels that you have to stop drinking coffee. (Here’s a text that my friend Fred sent me after applying this exact knowledge: “Man Jonas! Thank you brother. I swear I’m peaking these days, I’ve had to cut the coffee because it’s too much.”)

  • A healthy, “natural cocaine” that you have at your fingertips at all times.

  • Why the quality of our food was defiled when the industrial revolution started mass producing everything. (Hint: you can’t care about the health of millions of people and profit from them at the same time.)

  • Why the rich refuse to buy food from the grocery store. And the secret “superfoods” that the elite keep to themselves to maintain peak intellectual & physical performance. (A warning before you get too excited: these foods are expensive and hard to attain in the “normal” world.)

  • Why an egg is not just an egg… some eggs are poison bombs while other eggs are some of the healthiest food in the whole world. 

  • How you can be extremely healthy and fit while eating pizza & burgers every single day. (Yes, it’s true, but you will likely have to make the pizza & burgers yourself.)

  • What a devoted researcher concluded when he found tribes of indiginous people to be far healthier, stronger, taller…  Have much better bone structure & teeth…  And have far higher levels of happiness and fulfillment than modern people. (And a simple way to “steal” their secret and apply it to modern life)

  • The twisted and ugly health degeneration that indiginous people underwent when introduced to a modern diet. (You’ll see side-by-side comparisons inside the book.)

  • The amazing health benefits that our ancestors experienced by eating the whole animal. (And the powers that the modern man loses out on by barely eating 5% of the animal)

  • The ONE thing that lions, tigers and all other predators immediately eat when they kill a prey animal…In a wolf pack, the Alpha is the only one who gets to eat this organ. (When it comes to humans…This body part is usually only consumed by the “elite” who have millions of dollars.)

  • Why we should treat our body like an ancient piece of hardware and eat accordingly. (And how the modern, man-made diet goes against millions of years of evolution and puts people in an extremely unnatural state of being.)

  • Why guys should eat testicles.

  • Popular grocery store foods that are turning men into women. (Seriously. Doctors have started to encounter guys who are growing breasts because of ONE deadly ingredient contained within these popular foods… And there’s a high chance that you have at least one of these foods in your kitchen closet.)

  • A vital mineral that is extremely lacking in ALL our food. The lack of this mineral results in a slow and barely noticeable process called “calcification…” It's pretty much like turning into stone from the inside out. (This is a big reason why modern old people are so stiff and can barely move their joints.)

And much, much more.

  It’s all yours for FREE inside my groundbreaking book, “The Lost Secrets to Great Health.”



Jonas Westh

Has Devoted His Life
To Discovering The TRUTH
About Health & Nutrition

I didn’t go to school to rediscover these health secrets… You can’t learn what I teach anywhere else… That is, unless you go through thousands of scientific studies and “add it all up.”  I’ve put together my method after 5 years of being obsessed about reaching peak physical performance… studying the eating habits of humans over millions of years… and “experimenting” on not just myself… but on students I’ve had over the years.
Here are some of the results they describe using my method:

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